My Car was being Featured on The Star

Just 2 days ago, my beloved car was featured on The Star, the country's leading newspaper. If you are a loyal reader of the Star, you will notice my car in the Thumbnails Section(A section which rewards readers for sending in photo's), Page N43.

Unfortunately for me, I wasnt the one who sent in the photo. My car was parked outside office few weeks back and someone snap a photo(no i did not commit any traffic offend) of with my car in it. The lucky guy actually won himself RM50. On the otherhand, I dont get paid, but just a short moment of fame.

Fullview of Page N43

A closer view. The lucky Chap is Andrew Thean.

You may also find it on the web at The Star

Focused.... This is my car which keep me alive and still surviving after 2 major accident


Simon Seow said...

Oh this photo.

Blog owner. said...


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

yep saw that. ohh it was urs! ahaha

Yi Ling said...

interesting. i think they should credit the owner. LOL.

Mellissa said...

Hahahaha nice :D

Arth Akal said...

lol. very 'smart' indeed.

julian said...

Hehe - we got our dog in The Star a few weeks ago, wearing a seatbelt :) Didn't get the fifty bucks though :/

maRCus said...

hi. we dont know each other. but my guess is, your's the RED one? :-)

Charlie said...

Simon: yeah this photo. you saw it on the paper too right.

Charlie said...

Blog owner: =)

Jessica: yup

Yi Ling: I dont think they would though.

Mellissa: =P

Arth Akal: yes it is.

Julian: oic, try again next time around. Maybe you will have better luck.

Wye Jon said...

i saw a car just like this before... with turbo engine some more (or maybe just the BOV)... yours?

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