An Ox-picious New Year?

During the recent Chinese New Year Celebration, the media creatively came up with catchy phrase to complement the Year of the Ox to help boost up sales during the current economic turmoil. The Year of the Ox is creatively blend with the word auspicious, a crucial thing for the Chinese celebrating the new year.

Practically all the adverts you see will be wishing you an Ox-picious year, and some feng sui master even says that they year of the Ox will be an Ox-picious one despite the global financial turmoil.

All the marketing gimmick and newspaper article gave me high hope that this year will indeed be an auspicious year. During the first few days of CNY, I became more and more optimistic as I was receiving alot more red packets(a.k.a Ang Pao).

These are some of the ang pao I've collected.

Delicious Ang Pau Packet from Jiaa Jiaa parent's.

However when the 15 days of Chinese New Year ended, and I began to calculate the value in which I have collected throughout the 15 days period, I was suprise that the total value collected is in fact 10% lower compare to the previous year. Its really shocking because I actually got more ang pau this year.

Money Money Money

With this solid prove that I have personally encounter, I dont think we will be having an Ox-picious year after all. The year of the Ox basically mean we need to work like an Ox and get little return.

The economy is turning from bad to worse. So be sure you spend wisely and conserve cash because its the only thing that will keep you survive in this tough environment.


Shengcui said...

i don't mind. u can give it all to me :P

hyperX said...

Ya... divide it for me and Shengcui. Anyway, how much money you got for CNY?

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