Private Birthday Party @ Frames: The preparation

If you have been following my blog closely, you would notice that my birthday is just around the corner. Life has been very stressful lately because I'm heavily overloaded with targets and figures at work. I'm so stress up that my social life have been a little screw up. So I decided to get a quick fix and throw a party to people together. Thus I am inviting all my friends, colleague, work associate, my crush, people who are important to me and not forgetting people that I met along my life journey.

The party shall be held on the exact date which is 2nd March 2009. Details of the party are as follow:

Venue: Frames, TTDI Plaza.
Date: 02nd March 2009
Time: 7:30pm onwards.

This event is only planned on Sunday Night(22nd Feb) , subsequently I created a event page on facebook and started to invite all 420 people in my list. Respond is quite good and I have just call up the owner of the restaurant, Mr Xanthus. he is a friendly guys who is willing to meet up with me just with just an hour notice and I actually reveal my intention to him at 11.00pm just now.

Anyway shall be going for the food tasting this 26th with Jiaa Jiaa and another close friend of mine.

To all of you bloggers or my fellow readers, you are also invited. Just log on to my event Page, Charlie's Birthday. Due to the high cost of organising such birthday, I would appreciate it if any of you kind soul out there would like to sponsor and contribute to the event.

People who intend to come, please don't Fong Fei Kei lah, cause I need to get enough food and to ensure there is no wastage.

Being a traditional chinese that I am, I would prefer you guys to give Ang Pau(with money inside of cause, preferable 2 piece of RM50) instead of present. It will definitely help me from burning a hole in my pocket. But If you come empty handed, don't worry, cause I am a nice guy and I will still welcome you.

Just some house rules:
1.) Confirm your attendance by Friday 27th Feb 2009
2.) Don't FFK after you confirm.
3.) Be punctual
4.) Please don't bring your friends and family member just to enjoy the free food
6.) Lastly just a gentle reminder, please remember to bring presents or ang pau with money to help subsidies on the cost(preferably ang pau but its optional though). LOL
7.) Be sure to bring yourself & ENJOY...

Hope to see you guys coming, Its gonna be a wacky gathering cause this is the only time I get to see all of you in one single event. See you soon

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