First birthday gift with T&C.

Two week ago, I receive a gift for my upcoming birthday, its one of the earlier birthday gift I've receive till date and surprisingly its not from anyone close to me. Sad case lah. The gift is something special, something that is useful in the current distress economy.

This is the surprise i got from my letterbox

It's a gift from Padini Group of Companies.

Birthday gift also got terms & conditions. Nowadays people are damn realistic, birthday gift also got T&C. sigh

I'm entitled to a 30% discount off normal price item and its valid till end of March. The only catch is that the gross purchase(total purchase cost before discount) cannot exceed RM1000. In other words , I;m only entitle to a maximum discount of RM300. Not bad, but I don't think I am ready to burn a hole in my pocket by spending RM700 on clothes.

The range of brands includes Vincci, PDI, Padini Authentics, Padini, Miki, SEED & P&Co.

My plan is to share this birthday gift with my friends, so any of you want to buy anything from Padini or Vincci? Lets share and used up the RM300 maximum discount. =) Sharing is caring.

Drop me a msg on facebook, msn or call me if you are interested.


gift delivery Philippines said...

What a nice surprise I like the gift idea. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


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