My Private Party.

Last Monday I've throw a private party to celebrate my 24th birthday. The party was held at Frames @ TTDI Plaza. The turn out was fantastic despite having the party on a Monday as well as a heavy downpour in the evening.
I'm self was late to the party, really pai seh, host also come late. But I have a valid reason to that. I was stuck in the traffic from Subang to TTDI.

TTDI Plaza's Foyer


The interior of Frames

Bought these Milky Colour Pen's for my guess to sign on my autograph book.

My autograph book.

Birthday message from Cherie

JJ's Vodka

My birthday presents.

I'm really touch by the turn out. Despite having my party on a Monday, most of my friend made an effort to come and it really touches my heart. I received lots of presents and ang pau's worth more than a thousand in total.I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the gifts and ang pau's.

JJ & I

A group photo with some of my friends

Posing with the delicious dark chocolate mousse cake.

My bosses, JJ & Me.

Another group photos.

My surprise by JJ.

JJ prepared a wonderful surprise for me on that night. Halfway through the party, I was tricked by Chien Ping to meet someone at the car park which I subsequently found out soon after. About 20 minutes later, I was escort back to the restaurant with my eyes blind fold. Once inside the restaurant, I was asked to open my eyes and to my surprise, the lights were switch off and the entire restaurant was dark. As I get a clearer view, I notice that every had a glass a drink in their hand with red light blinking. Everyone started singing the birthday song and I was really caught by surprise. This was the surprise that JJ prepared along with some of my buddy Marcus and Chien Ping. They actually got plastic ice cube with red light in it, and these ice cube will light up when its place in water. That's so cool.

Good times really flies. Its now one week since my party and I cant help but look back at all the wonderful memories I had that night. Thanks everyone

Me finishing my cocktail sponsored by Xanthus, the owner of the Frames.


hyperX said...

I know TTDI Plaza, but I didn't know there is such place inside. I'm gonna visit it very soon. :)

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