Energizer Night Race 2010

Not too sure what gotten into me, but I've been quite crazy about running lately. I don't mean running away from anyone but running in race. Honestly, I'm not a great runner but the love for running just began developing for no apparent reason. Anyway, last night I was at the Energizer Night Race 2010, the first ever race to be held at night.

Yee Meng, Oki Lai and Me

It's a pretty interesting event I must say because everyone is given an Energizer Headlight and is expected to run in the dark(well not the whole journey but most of it). We participated in the 10KM race which took place around major route in Cyberjaya.

Nicole Chye, Jane Teh, and Elena Pak

Jane Teh, Jason Lim(trying to be Ultraman) and Keith Chua

The team, Oki Lai, Elena, Yee Meng, Jane, Me, Nicholas, Nicole, Jason, and Keith

Photo Session with the Energizer Battery.

Everyone getting ready at the starting line. Look at all the headlights.

I'm glad to say that I've manage to complete the 10km race within 1 hour and 15 minutes, well within the allocated time of 1 hour and 30 minutes to qualify. For that, I earn myself a medal and a certificate. Will definitely look forward to next years night race.

If you miss the race this year, be sure you join the race next year. It a good experience.


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