Awesome Baskin Robbins 31% discount

Was at Baskin Robbins last on 31st May to catch the 31% discount. Its my first time at Baskin Robbins during its on 31st and it was sardine packed. I arrived at the Damansara Utama outlet at 9.00pm and got myself a number. But only managed to buy the ice-cream at about 10pm.

Damansara Utama Outlet
Baskin Robbins, go there on 31st and you will be entitle to 31% discount off the menu price
The crowd making a beeline to the counter.
Look at the amount of people. These only happens every 31st i guess.What's your flavour?
Spoilt with choice.
After deciding on your flavour, its time to decide on the SIZE.And here's the price for each of the different sizes available.

By the time I get near to the counter, its almost 10pm.

They only have this 7 times a year, so be sure you put a note on your calender. Tried Raspberry Cheese and its awesome. Raspberry Ice-Cream with little cube of cheese in it. If you like ice-cream and cheese, this is definitely a must try.

Happy trying. Coming up next would be 31st July. See You there.


Simon Seow said...

Ah, have to wait next month then.

Charlie said...

Simon: yaloh, wanna go attack the place together?

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