Life will never be the same

The recent petrol price hike of 41% on 5th June had turned most of our life's from terrible to miserable. This is especially true if your company doesn't give you a boost in your monthly salary. I recently had Char Kuey Teow at a cost of RM4 a plate(normal price only RM3.50 for small plate). That's a whopping 50cent or 14.29% increase. The price of Chicken on the other hand has risen from around RM5 plus per Kg earlier this year to about RM8 /Kg now. Undeniably the cost of living has rising.

I paid for the Cup of Milo with RM10 and was given RM8.30 back.

When my char kuey teow comes, it cost me RM4, leaving me with a balance of RM4.3

The government has repeatedly told the public that its high time that we change our lifestyle to suit the current economical situation. But hey, aren't leaders suppose to lead by example? Maybe the all the minister should start joining the public by taking the public transport. If that's too much to ask, then maybe they can try taking the public transport once a week on a designated day. This will also enable them to experience the Rakyat's dilemma. I'm very sure our public transport system will see tremendous improvement if that were to happen, maybe they might even come up with the idea of having VIP coach on the LRT or monorail.

For those that drives, I am pretty sure the 41% extra cost for fuel has already started to burn a hole in your pocket, because mine has already been burn up. On an average I filled up my car atleast 3 times a week and spend about RM30 to RM40 each time(i have the habit of filling my fuel tank every few days). Now I still maintain the minimum routine of 3 visit to the petrol station and I have to spend atleast RM50 to RM60 each time. Its not like I wouldn't want to change my life style but my jobs requires me to move around.

The recent change in has certainly impacted my life and I'm still finding it hard to adapt. However being a versatile person that I always am, I shall survive. Will share with your guys some drastic measures as well as solutions which I've plan to use. Meanwhile, feel free to share if you have any suggestion or any measures which you have taken.


Samuel said...

sigh... 4 bucks for such a small plate of char kuey teow.. is really expensive...

things are getting more expensive by day by day

Charlie said...

yup its really expensive these days. Must start to change my diet and only consume air.

Sam Wallace said...

We all knew that the slower you travel, the lesser your car consume petrol right~

Well there's this scientific research that showed travelling at 64km/hour is the most petrol-saving yet fast speed..

Hope that'll help you, at some point ^^

Charlie said...

sam: i heard about that before, but i was told that the optimum speed would be between 80 to 90km/h. Thats dam freaking slow on a highway man. How can someone drive a Ferrari at that speed?? i cant imagine lah

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