The union of an awesome couple

I've missed the first ever Singapore F1 night race because I had to attend an event which is far more important, a once in a life time event that will mark a new chapter for my good friend Mr Soo Kee Loon. His big day or better known as his wedding day falls on the same day with the Singapore F1 Night Race. Apparently 28th of September 2008 is an auspicious day according to the Chinese calender.

Chinese being Chinese, the wedding ceremony was traditional one, with the prayer, welcoming of the bride and also not forgetting the tea ceremony for the elderly and also red packets for the kids. As usual, I shall let the photos do the talking:

The Main Reception of One World Hotel, Bandar Utama(Located beside the popular 1 Utama Shopping Center)

Cute little teddy couple on the official wedding car

The main actor of the day, Mr Soo waiting anxiously for the brides brother to open the door.

The Wedding Convoy which comprises of 6 brand new Mercedes Benz

The lovely couple finally arrived at their new home

Cheng Kiat a funny guys who never fail to bring laughter to people around him. No I'm not gay

One of the numerous task that the groom's best man were required to do being they get to the bride
Cyrus Soo & Sharon Choong walking on the red carpet during the wedding dinner.
Congratulation to both Cyrus Soo Kee Loon and Sharon Choong. Thanks for the invite, its a great wedding.
I still cant believe it that wedding these days cost so much. I was told that the dinner alone cost some RM90K plus. I've a deep thought after the wedding, all my friends are getting married and settling down, but I've yet to find the right partner. How leh? sigh, this remind me about one of Timothy Tiah's post where he writes about his relationship status of being single and available. Years are catching up but there is no sign of me settling down anytime soon, not to mention that I don't even have the moolah too. sighhhh


Simon Seow said...

Wow. Rich friends you got there. Everyone driving Merc.

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