‘I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Yes, its been quite some time since I last attended a Nuffnang Event, with the last one being the Pajama Party. I've missed the Wild Live Blogging Party and I certainly wont want to miss this one because both Nuffnang and Nokia is certainly gonna rock the night with a silent party.

I also find it cool as its gonna be a silent party, how cool is that, telling people that its actually silent during the party so silent that you could even hear the needle dropped. Presented by Nokia the coolest Mobile Phone Producer and Nuffnang the wildest company in Malaysia, the party is definitely making its ways into all the major press. So how would I ever want to miss such an opportunity. I will also be a good time for me to chilled out after a hectic month of October whereby I'm busy preparing for the Mobile Number Portability(MNP) Service schedule for a grand nationwide launch on the 15th of October 2008(Will write a short post on "MNP and how it benefit you" soon).

For non-nuffnanger, you may want to have a peek at the poster below for more information on the event:

Nokia XpressMusic makes the Halloween party better because firstly its definitely gonna change the way we party. Imagine have 100 bloggers partying at Borneo Baruk Club, KL and there is no music at the club, the only music that we hear is from our individual headphone connected to at least an mp3 enable mobile device. Now the night would be even better if Nokia could give me a Nokia XpressMusic phone for FREE... Any Nokia People Reading this now?

Since I'm a poor guy, don't think I will be able to invest in a new set of costume, so I might be wearing this to the event.

Cute right? Maybe I shall do just that

So Timothy Tiah, am in the invite list ??? I will spend you for a of pastries at DiGi D'House Bakery.


vvens said...

let's hope i can meet the digi guy in bbc this coming party! ;p

Charlie said...

Vvens: its been along time since you last visit here eh? you are going too?

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