Its Raya Open House Again

Last Thursday DiGi organised a Hari Raya Open House. It was held at D'House, Lot 10, Jalan Delima, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 40000 Shah Alam. Various stake holders such as its loyal customers, business associates, Government Agency such as MCMC, rivals such as Maxis, Umobile, Telekom Malaysia and Celcom also took the opportunity to visit DiGi's infamous HQ aka D'House. The event was hosted by Adibah Noor, a local celebrity.

Despite the heavy down pour which causes some part of Shah Alam to be flooded. The event was held at D'House multipurpose hall known as TownHall. This is the place where the top management would have meeting with all of DiGi's employees on a regular basis. It is also a place where DiGi's employees play various spot ranging from basketball, to badminton, to pingpong. or even futsal.

An applause should be given to the organising committee as they successfully transform the huge town hall into a rainforest to blend with this year eco friendly theme. There were greenry everywhere and most of the guest were just simply amazed.

A view from the enterance. Notice the big screen behind? Documentary were being played on the screen.

The lights turn red as the night comes to an end.

There were just so many people around. I couldnt even find a place to sit down and enjoy dinner.

Most of the food and beverages were prepared by Westin Kuala Lumpur. So its guarantee Five Star quality in term of food as well as services. If only I had the time to sit down and enjoy the food. sighhhh...

Jason Lo aka J.Lo & I

Tony Fernandes of Airasia were suppose to be here for the open house, but due to his busy schedule, he ask J.Lo to be his representative. For those who do not know, J.Lo is a Malaysian music artist, music producer, DJ, Entrepreneur and also the CEO of Tune Talk Sdn Bhd(Tony Fernandes fast growing empire.).

Just like Tony Fernandes, Jason said, if you need a job, send me your CV together with this photo. (That's what Tony told me not to long ago when he visit D'House.). Anyway, I dont think I will be leaving this wonderful company anytime soon, cause I'm just starting to get the hang of it and actually lovin it.

The nicely wrapped pots of greenery

As the night ended, all the guest were given a pot of greenery as they leave D'House. This is with conjunction with DiGi new project entitle Deep Green which focus on preserving mother nature. For more info on the project please visit DiGi Deep Green.


Simon Seow said...

Can I photoshop my face to replace yours and send my CV instead ? :p Not that I want to leave my current company. lol

Charlie said...

you can try it out. LOL... Do tell me if it works.

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