Nuffnang & Nokia's Silent Halloween Party

My previous post entitled ‘I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic kick ass, so much so that I was invited to Nuffnang & Nokia's Silent Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Cafe (BBC) KL. To recap, falls on the 1st of November 2008, and was scheduled to take place from 6pm to 10pm. Organised by Nuffnang and sponsor by Nokia as well as Universal Music, this event is another milestone of Nuffnang growth story. This is the second event by Nuffnang which I'd the honour to be on the invitation list.

As I' had a busy scheduled on the yesterday, one of my client invited me to attended a Super Model event at Times Square at about 2 to 4pm. I seek out in between to do last minute shopping to get myself a costume for the party. Guess what costume did I buy? After that I moved from Times Square to BBC. Arrived at about 6pm sharp but there were not much people around yet. So I mingle around till its almost 7pm, that's when all the people start coming in.
Because its my grandpa's 82nd Birthday, I have to leave BBC and speed all the way to Damansara Jaya to attend his Birthday Dinner. After dinner was over, I speed all the way back to BBC to join fellow nuffnanger at the party.
** I totally forgot about my camera today, so I have to rely on my bloody old antic phone, Sony Ericsson W810i. As it's only 2MP, the picture's quality is somehow quite poor. Sigh, those who have snap photos with me or of me, please send email it to me ya. Thanks in advance.

My Name tag!!!

Kenny Sia and I. Erm I should be Kenny and Bean....

Liang the Emcee and I(my senior back in College)

Boss Stewie & Mr Bean

Bloggers making a bee line at the entrance, to register them self and collect the door give.

Everyone was given a Nokia Goodie beg which contain the following:

An original CD(Power Hits 2) courtesy of Universal Music, a Cloud 9, a Nokia Car sticker and lastly a USB pendrive from Nokia.

A closer look of my brand new 2GB USB Pendrive.

I would greatly appreciate it if any of you reading this could email me some pictures, especially so if Mr Bean is in the picture. There were lots of camera snapping around at Mr Bean, so please do me a favour and email me those unedited pictures. Thanks People.

Special Thanks to Nuffnang and the event sponsors for having organised such a great event and extending an invite to me. Thank You Very Much.


cherriecookie said...

ur mr bean has pinkish face.. haha

Charlie said...

yup, its suppose to look as if it has blood all over. sigh, thats the result of last minute shopping, I bought 1 hour before the party

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

the nokia pendrive very special

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