Coca Cola Limited Edition Glasses 2009 - Only from Mc Donalds

Was tuning in to Hitz.FM listening to the gotcha programme, and then suddenly a radio advert was played saying that McDonald's will be launching a The Coca Cola Limited Edition Coloured Contour Glasses today 23 September 2009 and there will be 7 colours all together.

Immediately I called my Coke Fanatic Friends and we arrange to storm McDonald's Outlet during lunch to catch the promo.

This time around the Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glasses is given out absolutely FREE with no extra charges. The only catch is that you got a purchase any Large Value Meal plus a Sundae. When I arrive at the counter, I immediately enquire about the promo and how much it would cost me. The cashier then told my friends and I that it will cost us RM7 plus for a Large Value Meal and its comes with the Limited Edition Glass and a Sundae. So we thought that it was a great deal, after all, it the same price I pay on my regular visit to McDonald's.

So I ordered a Mc Chicken Large Set and the bill come close to RM12 inclusive of tax, in which I was taken by surprise. Only after awhile I realise that I have to pay for the Large Set as well as the Sundae. My immediate thought was, damn got con by the bloody cashier who most probably didn't even understand my question in the first place. McDonald's in Malaysia will need to adopt much more stringent recruitment policy man.

Anyway, I was in a good mood and didn't wanna wrack havoc, so I played Mr Nice guy and just pay the bill. Anyway after my lunch, I did a check on the website which clearly state that you will need to order a large value meal and a sundae to get the FREE limited edition Glass.

I've got so excited with my latest collection that I forgot to snap picture. Thus I'm using all the picture I can find online.

I grabbed a Light PINK Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glass as it was the only option available today. I was told by the Branch Manager In Kota Kemuning that after the PINK is sold off, they will start giving out the next colour which is Cool Blue. They will introduce a new colour after finish selling existing colour on promo. And this will go until until the 7th colour. The colour sequence are Pink, Cool Blue, Fortune Green, Ironic Grey, Royal Purple, Fresh Lime and Sparkly Clear.

This is mine, Coca Cola Limited Edition Pinky Coloured Contour Glass

So what are you waiting for ? Visit your nearest McDonald's Outlet today and grab yours today before they run out of stock. For more info, visit


Baby said...

this promo already started in macao some time ago because i've got a friend staying there. said...

will get that soon! nanged u! want to be the owner of youtube, innit,facebook...nang this now!

Charlie said...

Baby: they are launching it all over Asia. Well better late than never. atleast we still geta chance to collect it at an affordable price. thanks =)

cherriecookie said...

haha i have this. was tryin to collect them when they launched it in SG months back...

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