Have you got a POKEN?

A new craze is about to hit the World soon. An it comes in the from of POKEN!!!

When I ask my friends: Have you got a POKEN? Most of them will say excuse me what did you just said ? It's as though I've just utter a vulgar word. Well please allow me to have the please of introducing POKEN, the name for a new electronic gadget that allows you to share all your social network information as well as personal information just by touching your POKEN with your friends POKEN.

It's around the size of a Pendrive (or some call it thumb drive) and it comes in various cute cartoon shape. All the designs come with a big hand with just four finger.

Aren't they cute?

If you still don't understand how it work, let me share with you a step by step guide on how to use it:
1.) Get a POKEN yourself.
2.)When you first purchase it, plug into your computer and then go to to register your POKEN.

3.) Create your own profile and you may include the following details:
  • Personal Information - Name, Mobile No., Photos, Email, Blog
  • Social Networks - Flickr, facebook, Flickr, Hi5, linked in, friendster, myspace, bebo, etc
  • Instant Messenger - MSN, GoogleTalk, Skype, ICQ (no YM for now)
4) You can then touch your POKEN’s hand to another POKEN to ‘high four’ (it's call high four because unlike human hand, POKEN only has four fingers) and You will feel a magnetic pull between the hands when they are properly aligned: palm-to-palm. The data communication lasts about one second, so you can pull them apart after 1 or 2 seconds. The POKEN's palms glow green if the connection is successful. If they glow red, then there has been an error. In that case, simply high-four them again for a few seconds. Touch your POKENto as many friends as you'd like to share your online social network profile(s).Even if you've already connected with someone, it's worth high-fouring your friends every time you hang out with them. You'll be able to view all your social interactions in a timeline. The POKEN high-four can become your new greeting. You can then keep track of when and how often you and your friends hang out.

5) Plug the POKEN in your PC/Laptop and it will load the contacts in your POKEN to your POKEN page where you can decide to store or delete your contacts.

Some of the various design available.

This is how it looks like when the hand is remove from the body.

The nicely packed POKEN.

Quick Facts you should know:
1.)Each POKEN can store up to 64 contacts

2.)Each time you successfully POKEN the little palm will glow green.

3.)It will blink red if you did not POKEN successfully, in which case, just wait a few seconds for the glowing to disappear and try again. .
4.)When you have four or less contacts left to store on your POKEN the palm will glow orange after you've POKENed.

5.)Once you exceed 64 contacts, the POKEN palm will glow red each time you POKEN (note: this is different from when it blinks red to let you know that you did not connect successfully).

6.)Each POKEN contact after the 64th will be saved, but it replaces the first contact stored on your POKEN.

I've made some orders last Tuesday and it has reach Malaysia today. According to the latest information from the Courier Company, the custom department has given clearance. Thus I will be expecting to receive it in a day or two.

Since this product is rather new in Malaysia, it is not available at any of the IT store at the moment, thus if you would like to get one, you can message me via Facebook.

Alternatively, if you plan to make bulk purchase directly from POKEN, you may use this promo code to enjoy some discount: PUOAEUD36PWH8LWCCLOO


tahira najmunisaa said...

How can i order it, any contact nums?

Charlie said...

Tahira: you can contact me via Facebook. The link to my facebook is available on the right hand panel.

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