BlackBerry Playbook Media Preview @ Kuala Lumpur

Early this week I receive an exclusive invite to the media preview for the BlackBerry Playbook. Held today at the luxurious Bridge Bar, Level 28 GTower, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. Majority of those who attended the event are tech reviewers and top local bloggers.

Bridge Bar on the backdrop

3 lovely model posing with the mock Playbook.

As this is a close & private event, only a handful of people attended this event. SmashPoP(Jason Goh), Daphne Iking, The BlackBerry Malaysia social media team, LiewCF are among those who were invited.

Model, Me, Simon So, Simon Yap, Jason Goh, model and Rames

Joe Lebosi and myself

Daphne Iking

The BlackBerry Playbook in my palm..

Fellow Bloggers and myself checking out the features

The technical guy from RIM giving us a brief on the device

The idea of this device is so that people can play with it, thus its called the Playbook. However when you pair it up with a BlackBerry, you can certainly do more than play. Once you've pair up the device, you can BBM on a Playbook, check your BES email and do the regular stuff which you normally do on a BlackBerry except making calls.

and here's Daphne having fun with the Playbook's camera

Daphne giving the seductive look

Like the iPad 2, the Playbook came with 2 camera, one on the front and one behind. From the preview just now, the front camera appear to be sharper than the iPad 2 or any other tablet available in the market.

Reading made easy when you connect the Playbook to your LCD screen via HDMI cable

Need for Speed on Playbook

If you would like to have a feel of how its like play Need For Speed on Playbook, click here.

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