Energizer Night Race 2011: Refund at last

The organiser of this year Energizer Night race makes the biggest blunder by organising the a Nightmare run of the year which made all 10,000 participant furious.

The result? The organizer ran away and Energizer Malaysia has to take over and face the public.The situation became a National news after a senior CELCOM Executive started Boycott Energizer Night Race and I started(DiGi) started Energizer Night Race KL: We Want Justice. It was also rumoured Energizer incurred a loss of more than RM1.2 million in a bid to save its brand name from further destruction.

It has been a long wait. More than a month since the race was held but its better late than never. I receive my cheque last week and a parcel today complete with finishing medal, finisher shirt, USB battery charger, shaver, eco bag, and tampon(errmm i wonder why are they giving out tampon to racer? are we suppose to shove it under your ass before we run?).

The RM50 refund

The Parcel

These are in the parcel

Certificate of participation.

They should have printed our names on it since they are already sending personal parcel to all the participants.

The finisher Shirt

The finisher medal with Sepang Formula 1 Race Track on the background

The back of the Medal

The Headlamp, USB Charger,Shaver, tampon and eco bag on the background.

With the refund and delivery of goody bag to all participants, lets end this chapter of nightmare to an end. Hopefully Energizer can engage a better organizer and have a better event for 2012.


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