Another Sunday Outing with Cheryl & Chien Ping

Had dinner at Sushi Groove @ 1Utama with Cheryl and Chien Ping and here's what we had:

Seated right in front of me is Chien Ping, my Banker(he is loaded).
Cheryl Leong my future Business Ambassador
Dinner cost RM126.27. Sponsored by Chien Ping.(Thanks Man)

(L to R): Cheryl, Me, and Chien Ping

Right after dinner, we went for movie, REDLINE. A movie with fast cars, hot girls and high stakes. Overall the storyline was okay only. But there's lots of sexy girl in skimpy clothes. I bet most guys would love it. Surprising Cheryl loves it too. She told me that she had change her preference and that it runs in the family. I wonder should I try asking Uncle Leong if what Cheryl says is true?

The movie ended in less than 90 minutes which was rather early, so we went to Starbuck @ Centre Point. We each had a cup of Ice Blended Green Tea, while gossiping about guys and chics. As Cheryl had curfew, we left Starbuck at about 10pm and continue our session at her house till her parents came back. Arrived home at 11.40pm, wash up and begun blogging this crap which I had just finish typing.

Tadaaaaa.................. Hope you guys enjoy the food.. haha


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