Get Good Karma this Valentine's

Short Talk: Help the needy by getting some lovely chocolate muffins this valentine. All proceeds will go to charity. ~Another Advertorial~

Valentine's Day is just a day away. Have you decided what to do? or what to buy this valentine for your other half? Well, If you are still cracking your brains trying to look for a perfect gift. why dont get some chocolates muffins this valentine. It looks lovely, taste great. and most importantly it express your feeling...

I cant lie to you by saying that its tasty, but from the photo above, it sure look taste. And it come with a direct I Love U Message. How lovely is that?

If you are interested, Kindly contact Ms Fiona Marie Valerio at 016 251 6619
Payment method: Cash on Delivery
Delivery is applicaple to Klang Valley only.


Freethinker said...

looks damn odd

k0k s3n w4i said...

woe betide the bloke who bought only thine muffins, and presented it to his lady as a true expression of his feelings, as thy words spake. I fear for the wretched loser then, he shalt eat his muffinses alone on St Valentine's feast day, for branded "cheapskate" by his lady he shall.

Gawd, I love how I murder archaic words.

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