Malaysian Airline CEO

This is yet another backdated post since 2nd June 2009 where I've the opportunity to meet up with Dato Idris Jala, the CEO who roses to fame for his controversial decision at MAS when he first join and finally shows result by turning around the ailing company. Anyway I'd the opportunity to meet him thanks to Ng Khai Lee, the founder of YouthSay. This is has not only allow me to learn from one of the most respected CEO but also to discussed business.

Dato Idris Jala, CEO of Malaysian Airline System Bhd

Surprisingly he is very friendly and approachable. If you have to opportunity to know him better in person, you will realise that he is not the typical high flyer kind of CEO, he loves to play the guitar, singing to the tune of his self composed song. If given the opportunity, I would love to work for people like him.

Speaking about the CEO of Airline, I guess I need to start planning for my holiday soon. Any suggestion?


Jimi said...

He's no longer MAS CEO! Being promoted to minister without portfolio.

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