The EDGE Bursa KL Rat Race 2009

Last Tuesday 11th August 2009 mark the 10th Anniversary The KL Rat Race was organised. This years race saw a drop in participants with only 159 teams which comprise of 5 participants each from 67 companies. The race were divided into two categories, one called the CEO race which is a 1km dash run which the other is the executive race which cover a distant of 4.5km in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

A total of RM1.75 Million was collected and the amount is equally divided to 20 beneficiaries. DiGi Telecommunications, the yellow company which I represent for the 2nd time made record again with the most participant with a total of 35 teams and contributed a total of RM200,000. Thus making DiGi the largest corporate contributor.

Briefing session by the organiser with the Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF)

The CEO Race.

The team from the Yellow Company (To get a bigger version, Click Here)

That's me in action with the tag M287

This year I procrastinated again and failed to do any pre-training prior to the race. In fact I fell ill just 2 days before the race. However I still manage to set a new personal record. This year I manage to finish 4.5km in just 35.41 minutes compared to 37.05 minutes last year. That's an accomplishment considering that I've not done a single practice for the past 1 year.

We brought the yellow man along to make sure there is coverage.

The yellow man working hard, erm should I say ruining hard...

I'd the opportunity to meet one of my ex-boss Justin Leong, currently the Head of Strategic Investment of Genting Bhd. FYI he is the grandson of the late Tan Sri Dato' Sri (DR) Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Highland and the Genting Group of Companies.

Dato' Justin Leong, Head of Strategic Investment, Genting Bhd

I don't have much photo this year as it was drizzling when the race started and I did not want to wet my camera. So I have to borrow most photo's from various sources. Please allow me to give these owners some credit for their hard work:

Jason Lee - Album 1, Album 2
The EDGE Malaysia for providing the DiGi Group Photo.


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