Renewing your driving licence online

If you've read the today's paper, namely The Star newspaper, you would have notice the title "The best kept e-secret at JPJ" on the 3rd page. Well the article wrote about an e-service by JPJ a.ka Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan which enable Malaysian drivers to renew their licences online.

Huh, since when the Malaysian Transport Department became so advance? Well, despite having spend several million of tax payers ringgit into an advance online system to make licences renewal hassle free to the rakyat(citizen), little effort (or should I say no effort) has been taken to promote this advance service to the rakyat. That's the reason why the Malaysian Transport Department's front desk counter and the Pos Office is always crowded with people queuing to renew their licence so that they could save on the duit kopi(bribes given to police officers who are always seen roaming around Malaysia's road to catch traffic offender).

Anyway, let's get back to the main subject. After having read the news on the paper, I decided to check out the JPJ Portal. In case your driving licence is near expiry, I strongly advice you to try out this service to save you your precious time and hassle getting through the wild Malaysian Traffic Jam. If you want to renew your licence, you can do so by clicking here, which will take you directly to the licence renewal site.(Honestly, I don't get any commission for writing about this).

The website design is pretty clean with just a few column to be filled up. First of all, you need ID No(National Identification Card No), follow by selecting your category(whether you are a Citizen, non-citizen, Permanent Resident, Police Force or the Arm Forces). You will also need to provide your current licence's expiry date, Renewal Period(ranging from 1, 2, 3, or 5 years), follow by your contact such as Mobile No as well as email address. Then you will need to select your collection method, either its via Delivery (you will have to provide mailing address and pay for the delivery charges), Collecting at e-service center(you will have to select from the collection center from the drop down menu) or you may also choose the option Do not Require Renewal Slip (which require you to go to the JPJ State Branch Office to upload your licence data into your MyCard).

Now comes to the most important part, PAYMENT. The portal give you 3 alternative to make your payment for the renewal. You can choose to pay via Credit Card, MyEG Prepaid or FPX(Direct Debit). Don't ask me what the last 2 option is or how it works, cause no explanation were provided on the portal.

I will definitely try it out went my Driver's Licence expire end of this year. If you have tried it, kindly share your experience with me and my readers. Thanks.
**Please take note that this is not an advertorial and I shall not be liable for any losses which you may incur while trying out the service mentioned above. Try it at your own risk. lol


Anonymous said...

RM30 per year?? That's a freakin ripoff, isn't it? Especially since they do nothing much. We're already paying anywhere from 15% to 200% in vehicle tax duties, and pay up the arse for road tax.

Anonymous said...

role of tax is to drive u to something the government desire. feel expensive? thats right, thats what the government want.

u can always choose not to drive tho.

Johnny Ong said...

if u read properly, the jpj actually put the blame partly on e-service providers that didnt do the job of promoting the online services.

so, jpj didn't take the blame but pass it to someone else. typical govt body who'll improve with such attitude towards work.

Danny Foo said...

Hmm, so what if I dun FPX and myEG, then how will I pay my road tax? Not to mention I don't own a credit card. -.-"

Hayabusa said...

& i thought i could pay it in cash... what a big letdown indeed...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie for the info. I've used the service online, and from the application for renewal to the payment, the process has been smooth. Now fingers crossed that they'll send the renewed CDL to my home address without any hiccups.

jacq said...

Great info, I have just submitted and paid for it too. Just a shame that it can't have overseas courier, else it'd be perfect. There's not much of a point if they have online renewal but you gotta pick it up or delivered within Malaysia.

Aside from the RM30 per year, RM6 is for delivery charges and RM2 is for service charge. Quite reasonable I would say, just hoping the delivery is punctual.

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