Advertlets formal apology

After being down for 2 days plus, is finally back to business. Yes Yes Yes, they finally manage to pull it through and thank god they did, else I would have lose my earning with them. Anyway, Josh Lim has written a formal apology to all its user/bloggers, you may read it by Clicking Here.

I understand that the issue has causes mush hassle to all bloggers including myself. As my traffic has just pick up over the last few days, the last thing I would want, is to have a technical glitch that would redirect my traffic. Anyway the man has admitted his mistake, and apologised for it. Whehter to forgive and forget, and whether to give him and advetlets another chance is entirely up to your personal preference.

As for me, I would wait for the announcement of the compensations term as stated in advertlets/Josh Lim's apology. The announcement is scheduled to be made on monday. So that compensation term better be good and rewarding for us blogger to continue using your service.


ShuKuen7788 said...

Good Job!!
Wondering what are they going to compensate?

Charlie said...

erm, i think they are gonna take our average daily earning and compensate us for the 2 days only.

but lets hope for the best, maybe RM100 per day.

SEO Engineering 101 said...

Fat hope ah..
they are already broke...

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