Finally the election.

After a year, the election was here again. Yes I mention was cause the election took place yesterday. This year, AIESEC Malaysia's Member Committee's Election was held at Taylor's University College. It was an intense event,with 2 candidates running for the President and 8 others candidates running for the Director's position.

I arrived there 10 minutes before the scheduled event starts. There were about 180 people attending the event, both with voting rights and without voting rights. The entire event was packed with energy, yes full of energy, thanks to the Chairperson of the day who flew in all the way from Indonesia(that's quite international to have a foreigner involved in an election). Mr Edwin, the Chairperson of the day politely requested the crowd to cheers energetically for the candidate's. Candidates were suppose to wait outside the election hall and are only allow to come in when they are being call in to give their speech to convince the crowd to vote for them. Each time a candidate walks in, the crowd would stand up, cheers and clap. And the same goes when a candidate walks out of the hall when the candidate finishes his/her speech.This was to support the candidates who have had sleepy night prior to this big day and also to calm their nerves.
The event, begun with a short multimedia presentation, short speech by the current President, then the introduction of the election's chairperson. The chairperson then took over and introduces all the candidates to the crowd before requesting for the candidates to proceed outside of the hall. This were done in two session, first being the presidential candidate and second for the director's candidates. Each candidate were call in one by one to give their election speech after which the candidate are required to make an orderly exit from the hall to make way for the next candidates. A question and answer session was open to the crowd after all the candidate for the session gave their speech.

To cut the entire event short on from 9am till about 6 plus when the election result was announce. Out of the 10 candidate, only 5 manage to garner 2/3 of the total votes to run the office for the term 2008/2009. The new team would be James, William, Sharon and Daryl with James being the President while the latter 3 being Directors. However all these 5 lucky people who have garner enough vote of confidence from the voting crowd would still be required to go for an interview session and pass it of cause before they could proceed on the transition process with the current board of AIESEC.

Sadly 5 candidates didn't managed to secure enough vote. And there were 8 spoiled votes, that otherwise could have change the fate of some candidates. Anyway, I believe that when you don't get something, it simply means that god have other plans for you. So to those who didn't make it, don't be sad and be alert for opportunities cause when one door closes, another door will be open.
Pictures will be up shortly
Names of all candidates were not mention so as to protect their identity. However if you are one of them, and are reading this now, and feel that you have what it takes to let people know who you are, you are most welcome to drop a comment here.


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