Nuffnang Glitterati to take on Advertlets

Just 2 days ago, a South East Asia Ad Network was experiencing a major technical glitch which causes havoc to many blogger that uses its service. As a result many blogger begun to condemn advertlets with negative remarks on their blogs and planned to boycott it.

2 day after the problem, and Advertlets has finally have their system restored, Nuffnang made a suprise announcement by launching Nuffnang Glitterati. Glitterati is an Exclusive club for Nuffnangers that meets its minimum requirement.

So Whats so Great about Glitterati ?
It's a club which reward nuffnangers for being loyal with at least 20-50% Higher than current blog income, Minimum RM 0.25 per click(compared with RM0.15 currently), 30 days payment processing(compared to 60 days currently), advertorial opportunity and many other great benefit.

SO whats the requirement ?
Bloggers must not have any advertisements from any Ad Network which originate from South East Asia. To be specific, will be one of it. So to make things simple, if you wanna join Glitterati, you've got to remove advertlets completely.

So how can you join?
Well, you cant actually sign up for it, as nuffnang crawler will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours upon meeting the minimum requirement.

So whats your say? do share your views with me....


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