Malaysia PM say its unlikely to match 2004 Poll Win

According to Reuters news release on the 22th of January 2008, the Malaysia Prime Minister(PM) a.k.a Pak Lah was quoted saying that "Malaysia's ruling coalition is unlikely to repeat its record 2004 election victory in the coming polls". Pak Lah and his coalition who has a landslide victory of 199 seats out of 219 seats during the 2004 General Election also mention 2004 was an exceptional time.

With so many problems haunting the ruling coalition in recent months, ranging from scandals, corruption, poor leadership, and price hike of essential goods. By making such a statement proves that our PM is not a sleeping minister, but when will he show his leadership skill in steering our nation towards achieving vision 2020. At the rate that we are developing now, I've serious doubt that they might actually extend it by another 10 to 20 years. Over the last 18 months the PM has launch various development project such as the Iskandar Development Region (IDR), Northern Corridor Economic Region(NCER), and Eastern Coast Economic Region (ECER) which was reportedly worth billions of ringgit and create millions of job opportunity.

While those projects is said to be worth billions, it will only materialise if investors put their money into this project. With the rising uncertainty in the global economy, especially the fear the world biggest power house, America falling into a recession, investors has become more cautious about where they put their money. Besides the external factor, the piling number of internal factor such as the current poor leadership and the various problems surrounding the ruling coalition. Investors might choose not to come into Malaysia, especially with the ridiculous requirement such as bumiputra must have at least 30% stake in a company. I've nothing against the bumiputra, in fact I think the governments move to imposed such requirement actually underestimate the bumiputra true ability and make they lazy to fight for their own right.

Why should they be given 30% compulsory stake? Why cant they work their ass just like the non-bumiputra and enjoy the sweetness of success at the end of the day. I think its high time that the government wake up from having the bumi and non-bumi mentality. Malaysia being a multi racial country should practice the Malaysian spirit and gives everyone equal rights to ownership, education, financial aids and all the benefit that a Malaysian enjoy. They may say that its already written in the constitution and our forefather has agreed to it. But then again, we are living in the 21st century where the world is no longer like what it used to be, so we should be moving forward and not let the constitution tie us down. If we don't move forward, it will be like living in today's hi-tech world with a 486 computer.


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