My first major deal in DIGI.

In less than 24 hours, I'll be going over to my clients place to close a major deal. A deal which I've been working on since the 2nd week I join the company. The conclusion of the deal tomorrow will be a major milestone for me. The deal will also help project my monthly performance level 100% above the expected level. Dam I cant wait to sign the deal tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that nothing funny happen at the very last minute or even second.

Why am I so eager to close this major deal? Well its been slightly more than 2 months since I join the organisation, and I have yet to prove my self worthy to company. Having close this deal will definitely help me stand out of the crowd, attract the attention of my superior and not to mention the superb monetary reward structure the organisation adopt. Oh ya, before I forgot, its not just about the money, being a typical china man that I'm, its not all about money, but rather the face value(reputation and fame).

So, please pray hard for me and wish me luck people.


maike said...

all the best bro~

liyiesther.C said...

oOo.. Digi :p

rational thinker said...


Charlie said...

maike: thanks dude

esther: yeah, you didnt know?

rational thinker: thanks

liyiesther.C said...

is it a MUST for me to know ?

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