The Finale - After all the Hoo Haa with Nuffnang

Well, since the hoo haa which was caused by my posting last Saturday evening, which made me into a hot topic, thanks to SC Bone's post which made it to the top of the chart in innit most popular post. The title of the post written was "Over-reacted guy on the Nuffnang innit" (refer to the previous).

After having my post removed from the innit system for at least 8 times, I was smack with a suspension notice via email from Nuffnang. In the email, I was told that I will be suspended for 7 days. I was also warn not to repeat what had happen or Nuffnang shall consider legal action against me. At that very moment, I was furious, cause my posting was taken down repeatedly, and the moderator did not even make an effort to communicate with me either via email or through my blogs. So I decided to drop Timothy Tiah, a comment on his blog. I also emailed Malaysia's high profiled blogger, Kenny Sia.

In less than 24 hours, Timothy tried to contact me via my mobile no, which turns into a miss call as the phone was mute and in my drawer over the weekend(yes, I normally use another mobile no during weekend, don't ask me why). Despite not being able to get in touch with me, Timothy did not give up. He left me a short note via his blog comment, asking me to ring him back.

So I decided to do that first thing on Monday. I called him from office and we managed to sort things out after having a short conversation. It turn out to be a peaceful talk without any party being held hostile. He also mentioned that he is sorry if his staff did anything wrong and wanted to understand the story from my point of view. After having sort out what was wrong and all the misunderstand, Timothy told me that he shall instruct his staff to removed my suspension from innit with immediate effect. I thank him for that and we ended the conversation. I resume working on a busy Monday.

About an hour later, my mobile rang again and it was Timothy again, just before I pick up the call, I was thinking to myself, Now What? Isn't it settled already?. Anyway I answered his call, and the soft spoken Timothy began talking to me politely again(yes, he was polite when I called him an hour ago.). Timothy told me that the reason he was was to inform me that the suspension has been removed and I can use Innit again as usual. He also told me to contact him directly either via mobile, email or his blog should I encounter any problems with Nuffnang in the near future.

That's basically how the who SAGA between me and Nuffnang ended. Its a happy ending for both me and Nuffnang I guess.


Mr Hanky said...

There's a saying, fire cannot win fire. Water can win fire. What Timothy did was admirable. Now all he has to do is imbue the same values to everyone in his company. Its good to remember that what kills companies are bad ideas (show me a company that doesn't have one). Its bad culture.

decypher said...

I had an experience with Nuffnang before, when the ads don't load on my blog. Timothy called me up personally and told me that the problem is being looked into. A while later, the problems were fixed and I am another happy Nuffnanger.

Yes, I agree. Timothy is polite.

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