Entry Removed (Nuffnang got no .............)

I've no choice but to removed my earlier posting before this entry because someone by the name Samantha from Nuffnang who explained that they have to delete all my 10 entry in Nuffnang Innit because I wrote something negative about Nuffnang without evidences and also because it is a violation of Nuffnang Innit Terms and Conditions. In her email, she also did mentioned that my Title posted in Innit has mislead fellow nuffnanger. Wait a minute, did she say its misleading? Well yes, but I see a lot of nuffnanger posting misleading title to arouse curiosity, so why aren't their posting being deleted. Well, i dont really care if I ever gonna get a reply to this.
They even took a drastic action by suspending my innit account for 7 days and warn me not to repeat such an act or they shall consult their legal advisor and take necessary legal actions to defend Nuffnang.
So any legal experts out there or legal experts wannabe, kindly share your views.
Cheers =)


k0k s3n w4i said...

they did get you good, from the legal side xD

Charlie said...

yeah, they did.

i saw your posting about nuffnang too.

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