Vouchers and Freebies Crazed

Whenever there is free stuff being distributed, there will be tons of people rushing to grab hold of it. Whether its vouchers or physical goods such as food, diaries, calender, pens, notepad, chinese new year red packets.

I consider myself pretty lucky as I always have tons of freebies and vouchers, be it hotel stay, food & beverage, fine dining, fashion, liquor and even electrical goods. Having this freebies and vouchers no doubt help me save some hard earn ringgit. Here I will give you a peek on some of the freebies and vouchers I had received so far;

RM10 cash vouchers to be spend @ either KFC or Pizza Hut

2 Piece Chicken Snack Plate

Snack Plate with Bun and Drink.

More Vouchers
And More Vouchers

and even more Vouchers...

Omg, so much vouchers, I'm officially sick of KFC.

Shopping Vouchers from Jusco, time to go CNY Shopping
Padini's Discount Voucher
Seed Cafe's Cash Voucher
More Vouchers from Padini Kenny Roger's RM10 Cash Voucher
More Vouchers from Kenny Roger

RM15 discount @ Borders Book Store
Anyone wanna go Tioman or Redang?
Special Rate at Berjaya Group's Hotel
Complimentary Drink from Starbuck

Starbuck's RM10 Cash Voucher

RM40 Fuel Card from Shell


liyiesther.C said...

YAY!!! SO NOW you CAN bring me out SHOPPING and DINNER using your VOUCHERS!



Dragon City said... so many KFC voucher...can spare me some? hehe

Charlie said...

Esther: wah you very keng oh, but wait till we have each other mobile lah. kekekeke, i learn that from you... boo hoo.

Dragon City: hey thanks for dropping by. well i am planning to give it out via a contest real soon. planing on it.

liyiesther.C said...


k la, anyhow, you are still gonna bring me out shopping and dinner with the vouchers :p

lasilasi said...

how did u get them!!

Charlie said...

Esther: erm how'm I suppose to do so when I dont have your number? six sense?

Lasilasi: lets just say I got lucky. hehe.

Marvin said...

hi stumbled on your bold and i really want the berjaya redang beach resort voucher... i plan to go there this coming May. Can you sell it to me please ^^, ?
pls do e-mail me at ...

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