Love it or hate it ........

Charlie has just been tagged by BoBo with the Love Hate Meme!

Since I've got nothing better to do right now, I shall complete a list of my own.

1. I loves to eat: Chupa Chups
2. I hates to eat: pui bak(in Hokkien it means meat with fats)
3. I loves to go: Holiday in places I've not been
4. I hates to go: Doctor(I've get this weird feeling when I go to the clinic or hospital)
5. I loves it when: I get things done the way I want it
6. I hates it when: People fail to meet up to my expectation
7. I loves to see: People that are dear to me, my family and friends
8. I hates to see: Crazy people driving around KL like an F1 Driver
9. I loves to hear: Good News & Oldies Songs.
10. I hates to hear: People talking during a movie screening in the cinema

Yes, I'm finally done with my entry, and its mine turn to tag people and hear what you all got to say. May I have the attention of the following people:

Justin ~ Julie Kuan ~ Nick ~ Melvin ~ Pamsong ~ Paul Ooi ~ Esther Chin ~ Vvens ~ Philip


liyiesther.C said...

waa... i got tagged again.

k will do it soon :)

The Bimbo said...

So cute!! You like Chupa Chups!!

Charlie said...

yup you did. will be looking forward to read it. lol

Aronil said...

Hahah u have been tagged! lol.. i gotta find out how this all started lol

Charlie said...

Bobo: keep it to youself and please dont blog about it. k?

Aronil:erm well do share it with me after you found out ya. I would love to know how it started too.

liyiesther.C said...

i did your tag, finally :p

pamsong said...

Doing your tag now. =p

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