A message to Ms Stress

I was having dinner at Aman Suria late yesterday, and waiting for the food to be served took ages. Why? I found out that this particular blur waitress made a mistake and served the food my family ordered to another table. About 3 tables that come after we had ordered got their food ahead of us.

While waiting, I turn on my msn mobile and started to chat with a few friends of mine, namely Ms Stress(for her privacy sake, I decided to use a nickname) and Khian Sin. Ms Stress is so stress up cause her exam starts tomorrow until the 24th of January 2008. Being a typical Malaysia Chinese that I'm, started the conversation like this:

Me: Hey, had your dinner?
Ms Stress: ermm ate biskut (this is the exact spelling she use)
Me: Only ??
Ms Stress: ya,
..... i cant remember the rest of the conversation cause msn mobile doesn't have history. =(

I was like okay, you are kinda stress, and you should have proper meal for dinner. I totally understand why she is in such a stressful situation, firstly because life is giving her shit and she has being having some serious problem which causes her to breakdown emotionally. Worse of all is that she has to face all this shit like 2 weeks before her exam, while she was already busy and totally stress out preparing for it.
My message to Ms Stress is: Life is never easy, it's all the hardship that we go through that will make us a stronger person as we continue our journey in life. No matter how stress you are, always be sure to have proper diet and enough rest. Bear in mind that having good health equal to wealth and health can never be bought, no matter how rich or influential you maybe.
Okay, I may sound like I am crapping at almost 3am in the morning. But its sincere though from me.

Before I sign off, just wanna wish you good luck, try your best and god will do his part. CheErs =)

**To those who are wondering who Ms Stress is, let me give you a hint, I have a link to her blog on my right panel. Trying visit those blog and read the content. You should be able to identify who she is easily. Happy Hunting!!!


ongkhiansin said...

what is it going to do with Khian Sin for this article. You can take it out aniwaz...

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