Do you need HELP? (Updated 2.0)

Does any of you remember my posting asking for HELP to raise fund for a cancer patient who was in need of financial aid. In conjunction with a fund raising charity event organise by HELP International Corporation Bhd, I managed to help raised fund from people around me, though the amount wasn't big at just RM2620 only. The money collected was subsequently handed over to Mrs Chan Kam Yoke, the CEO of HELP International Corporation Bhd to be included in the Chia Leng Yau fund collection initiated by HELP. I think its a great amount of money to be raised in just 2 days, bearing in mind that I just collected the money from people around me that I knew.

On the 5th of January 2008, I receive a reply from the cancer patient, Ms Chia Leng Yau in the form of a comment on my post Do you need HELP?. Its great to know that she is still fighting hard for a life, at least my effort didn't go down the drain. In her message, she mention that she strongly believe that she could go though it. For your information, she is currently still receiving treatment in the hospital while waiting for a suitable bone marrow. If you would like to read her reply, kindly click here.

A message to Chia Leng Yau, be brave and strong fighting this battle, and bear in mind that you are not fighting this battle alone, cause you got your parents, relatives, employees and students of HELP and not forgetting myself supporting you morally in this battle. God will hear your prayers if you have faith.


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