Is permanently down?

Dear Readers,

Please be inform that there was a slight technical glitch just now, and thus you might not be able to access my blog earlier today. Everyone who tries to access my blog was automatically diverted to

After running some check, the culprit of the problem seems to be advertising script on my blog. Though Josh, the founder and owner of is my friend, I was force subsequently remove those script from my blog, so that my reader can access it. Josh, you got to buck up or else people will start migrating to nuffnang. Th removal will only be temporary, I shall put it back once advertlets system has been fixed.

Note to Josh Lim, Please please please get the problem fixed asap and also take note that I've not receive my payment despite requesting for it 2 months back. The last I check, the payment status was still pending. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Josh for being featured on The Star today.

1 comments: said...

I hope it wont be.

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