Nuffnang running out of ads??

Well this post is inspired by an online blogger friend of mine called BoBo, who writes the blog called BraiNyBiMbo. In her recent post she talks about not having receive any incoming ads campaign for the past 2 months and she was rather depressed with that. She also wrote about her complain on nuffnang with regards to her cheque payment which was not sign. Now, how on earth could someone be so naive to issue a cheque without a signature on it. That's like coming out of the toilet after doing your business without wearing back your pants, or giving a car to someone without giving the car key. Anyway glad she got that sorted out, after posting some nasty complaint. Don't ask me what she wrote in her complain cause you wouldn't wanna know how nasty she could be though cause when a woman get nasty, you could well regret it.

Anyway, on the issue where BoBo has not being receiving ads for quite some time, I would like to point out that I have been experiencing the same problem. From what I see and experience after using Nuffnang for about 4 months, when my blog's traffic increases the number of ads coming in seem to slow down and sometimes even stop. For example, since late December 2007, I have been receiving increasing traffic flow, and this week alone i received 4 times more traffic compare to the previous week, but still don't see any sign of any incoming ads. Previously when my traffic flow was rather low, I see 2 to 3 incoming ads campaign running in a week.
I'm just wondering, Is nuffnang running out of ads campaign ? Doest nuffnang discriminate and only puts ads campaign on blogs with low traffic so that they could well pay us less? Or is the economy getting so bad that advertisers cut their advertising budget tremendously, so much so that they have to deprived us our pocket money?

I hope someone from nuffnang, preferably nuffnang top management could enlighten us on this and give us bloggers some hope to continue using nuffnang.


Zendreus said...

Haha, you've got a point there.

I strongly believe it's due to the fact that there are currently insufficient advertisers.

Well either that or there are now many blogs that generate a TON of traffic on Nuffnang and are hoarding the campaign ads. XD

Either way, have patience lar. I'm sure you'll get some campaigns sooner or later. XD

The Bimbo said...

Hmm if they really suffer from a lack of advertisers... then all the promises in their Glitterati email would really be a lie isn't it?

I was reading about it in Darth's blog and I really think what he says is right...

Glitterati is much like the Olden China.. where girls thank the heavens if the Emperor chooses them to be concubines. Little did they know when they enter into the palace there are so many concubines that the Emperor only sees a selected few...

:P My two cents

SEO Engineering 101 said...

It also depends if you have enough traffic.

If you have your own domain..then it would be better...

azrin @

k0k s3n w4i said...

I've been to ur frens blog before :)
It's hard to forget a nickname like brainybimbo xD

Just one thing; I have never experienced such a pattern of ad serving with nuffnang.

But this business of having ur innit posting deleted.. is it really true?

Charlie said...

Bobo: yeah, i have to agree with you on that.

kok s3n w4i: yes they remove my innit which was suppose to be between "How to win her hear" by Hollyjean and "Finally it is my turn to shine, filled with glitter" by Royalshortness. but now its missing. you can check this out.

Click here to see where it should be

Steve Yu said...

My guess is maybe Nuffnang are giving priority to low traffic blogs over higher traffic blogs. With this, Nuffnang can serve ads to more blogs cos with the same amount of traffics that the advertiser required, you can serve ads that 10 low traffic blogs than only 1 or 2 higher traffic blogs.

Nuffnang said...

Thanks for your feedback. I guess the community has a different interpretation of how Nuffnang works.

Let me put the record straight. The requirements to sign up with Nuffnang is that you need to have blogs that can generate a good amount of traffic. However by having a good amount of traffic still does not equate to a warranty of ads. Because ultimately the advertisers are the one who hand pick the blogs they like their advertisements to appear on, in short they decide what kind of audiences are relevant to their advertisement.

How can we not have enough advertisers? Today we can be called the pioneer of local online advertising medium because we are serving ads for big local corp such as AirAsia and Nike. Not all advertisements will end up on your blog because all advertisers have different requirements of the audience they would like to target.

And the point about we paying lesser for blogs with lesser traffic is not quite correct because we also charge our advertisers according to the traffic their advertisements were put on. So if you make lesser, we make lesser to. I hope this enlightens the community and clear the doubts that were floating around.


k0k s3n w4i said...

it's true. I saw #7 and #8 being deleted.

Farhah said...

hope that nuffnang will get you more ads! (:

Charlie said...

Nuffnanger: thanks for the reply.

k0k s3n w4i: dude, lucky you saw it, if not, people might think i am lying. considering we dont know each other, your statement will be more strong. thanks again man. Sorry ah, cant belanja you drink, later people say i bribe you.

Farhah: thanks for your well wishes.

k0k s3n w4i said...

no prob mates. did you take any screenshots?

Charlie said...

yeah i got some screenshots with me. said...

"ultimately the advertisers are the one who hand pick the blogs they like their advertisements to appear on"

I think this is bull****, because why? Because it is ridicilous. They don't have time to select because there are thousands blog out there.

Advertiser may give some guideline on what type of blog, how many traffic per week and maybe the language the bloggers use on the blog.

I still suspect that Nuffnang staff will make the selection, the partners, the cronies and the ass-licker will get the priority.

If i am not mistaken i did read from their staff's blog to kotow this particular staff as he is the one who select the ads for all the bloggers.

I fully agree with the_bimbo "Emperor only sees a selected few ... concubines"

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