Al-Amar Express, Fahrenheit 88 @ Bukit Bintang

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Celebrated Christmas eve with a little twist this year. Started with dinner with someone special at The Ship, then followed by the screening of Gulliver's Travels @ GSC MidValley and then Christmas eve countdown at Bukit Bintang.

Everything went on well until me and my date arrived at Pavilion for the countdown celebration. It's was the most horrible countdown that we've been too, a handful of the crowd were terrorising all the innocents people like myself with fake snow spray sold by unscrupulous traders who took advantage of the celebration and make some handsome profit.
To avoid being a victim of the chemical made snow spray, me and my partner had to slip and hide among the crowd commando style. That's when we decides to make Al-Amar Express (Lebanese restaurant) our temporary hideout. Located in an aquarium style designed outlet at the entrance of Fahrenhiet 88, it seems to be the perfect place to hide out while being able to have glimpse of the situation outside, not to mentioned try out some of its menu.

Having had a heavy dinner early, we decided on something light to munch. So we ordered these:

Baked Potato @ RM12 ++

Nothing to shout about, just your regular baked potato stuffed with butter and cheese and served with sour cream. Still love making it myself with chicken mayo. For RM12 ++ its definatelly overrated and overpriced.

Cheese Roll @ RM2.50 ++ /piece

Nothing special, prepared with spring roll wrapper with cheese melted in it. Still prefer the traditional chinese spring roll served with savory seasonings and crisp texture of vegetables.

Bavaria Peach @ RM10 ++ / bottle

As for drinks, my date tried the non-alcholic beer, the Bavaria Peach which she like very much but I still prefer my all time favourite, the Hoegaarden. On the other hand, since this is a halal restaurant and no beer were served, I choose the conventional all time favourite, Ice Lemon Tea.

Ice Lemon Tea @ RM8 ++

Overall, the restaurant has one of of the most sough after location which is strategically located along Jalan Bukit Bintang, couple with its aquarium style design which enable its guest to enjoy the bustling life of Kuala Lumpur. When it come to food, I wasn't impressed at all but this is probably because I've not tried their authentic Lebanese recipe. Will make it a point to visit this place ago to do just that.


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