Melaka Satay Lok Lok @ Setapak

It's Christmas day and its so jam everywhere as everyone took advantage of the public holiday to travel in and out of town. Initially I wanted to go Malacca for some Chicken Rice Ball and authentic satay celup. However I change my mind and decided to try out a new place in town.

As my gf and I had this craving for satay celup for some time, we decided to try this place called Melaka Lok Lok. As far as I know, this is the only place that sells satay celup in Kuala Lumpur (if there are any, please share by commenting this post).

Locating this place isn't much of a problem if you are familiar with Setapak area or have a reliable GPS to rely on. However do take note that crime rate is rather high here, ladies, if you are going, please try not to bring your handbags(this was advice from the friendly boss, didn't manage to get his name thought).

To make its customer feels as thought they are actually in Melaka, the owner put up a gigantic portrait of Melaka landmark building such as the A Famosa Fort, the famous red colour Christ Church Melaka and the city centre clock tower.

Portrait with Melaka Landmark building

Just like any satay celup place you visit in Melaka, the assorted raw food prepare in sticks (known as satay sticks by local) are store in display fridge with glass panel to keep the food fresh while making it easy for you and me to see and choose.

A wide range of variety fresh food seafood to vegetables are available.

For those who fancy processed food, you will be spoil with choice too.

So which process food do you like ?

Satay celup would not be complete with the wide variety of raw food but without the hot boiling satay sauce. This place allow you to have 2 type of soup at the same time. So we had satay sauce and clear soup. Just in case you are not a local and totally clueless what is Satay sauce all about? Allow me to briefly explain, satay sauce is prepared with crushed peanut, tamarind juice and spice paste which gives the sauce a rich aroma and flavour.

Clear soup and Satay sauce.

If you asked me how the soup and satay sauce taste, of cause this is nothing close to both Capitol or Ban Lee Siang in Melaka. But when you have craving like me and too lazy to drive all the way down the Melaka, this could the best option available.

This is probably because they don't recycle the soup(satay sauce) unlike the 2 famous restaurant in Melaka where they top up fresh sauce on top of the used one. So yeah, if you are wondering why the sauce in Melaka taste so good, that's because the sauce is reused over and over again in the same pot. They probably only wash it once every day if they do actually wash it in the first place.

This is what I had for my first round.

The owner even gave us 4 sticks of grilled satay. Nothing to shout about. Guess its just part of their eat all you can package.

The grilled satay, marinated in 2 different variety.

Overall, this i a good place to be at when ever you have craving for satay celup and Melaka seems to be too far and time consuming. This place charges RM23.80 per head for its eat all you can package. Drinks however is chargeable based on the menu. I've spend a total of RM59.50 for 2 pax and 3 drinks.

Verdict: If compare, its definitely not as good as the authentic satay celup in Melaka. I know friends who are crazy enough to drive all the way to Melaka just for satay celup and then driving back to KL. If you are not as crazy as my friends then this place is probably the best place please your craving. Variety is also much lesser than what you have in Melaka, this could be due to the low traffic of guest which made it too costly to provide a wider variety of food selection.
This is just my humble opinion which you may choose to differ.

If you would like to give this place a try, here's the address:
Melaka Lok Lok,
A-G-7, Plaza Prima Setapak,
35, Jalan Prima Setapak 5,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.


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