Let the party unite us

Over the weekend, I attended a party hosted by Kate, David & Yin Li. The private party was held at Bangsar. Being part ot AIESEC, as expected, the party was attended by lots of people from various races, religion, and countries. During the party, I made friends from Poland, Greece, Russia, India, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and much much more. Most of them are AIESEC interns working with company such as DHL.

Pick Julie up and headed to the party. She was the only representative from AIESEC TBS while I was the only representative from my LC. Anyway, it was a cool party, and the place was pack. The parted started at 10pm till about 5. But I left at about 4am. Anyway, I'm just writing this post to thank the 3 host for a great job. Check out this link for more info

Went for Indiana Jones the next day with about 10 interns and Alan from USM. Not my type of movie, so I will rate it a 1 over 5.

That's a short summary about my weekend, oh ya not forgetting lots of sleep during the weekend.


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