Climate Change Week with YTL

As I've written in my previous post on the 21st of April 2008, Celebrate Climate Change Week with Free MOVIE Passes. I've received an email from YTL Group, informing me to collect my tickets earlier this week. So yeah I've collected my movie tickets to watch 11th Hour, which will be screened at KL Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC)

That's not all, I managed to get some extra tickets, and I've decided to give it out for FREE. Yes since I got it for free, it wont be nice for me to sell it right? So Yeah, its FREE. Thanks to YTL Group.

Details of the show is as below:
Movie: 11th Hour
Venue: KLPAC, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 03rd May 2008
Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm
Price: Sponsored by YTL Group

Here's how the ticket looks like
A closer view.
So what are you waiting for? send me an email or drop me a message if you are interested. The ticket is limited, so do hurry. Only respond if you are really interested and will be 100% free to attend the movie, cause I don't want to waste the ticket. Cheers =)


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