Celebrate Climate Change Week with Free MOVIE Passes.

The section in grey is copied from YTL website:

In the name of convenience, we have disposable razors, paper towels and plastic cups. Even cameras can be used once and unceremoniously dumped.Closer to home, Malaysians generated 7.34 million tonnes of solid waste in 2005 alone, enough to fill up 42 buildings the size of Malaysia’s twin towers.We are in a critical state. Today, human beings emit 700 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, every single second. Do nothing and climate change may reach a tipping point beyond which is out of our hands.

And that's the point. It is still in our hands.
Each of us can do our part.
Try to reduce waste and recycle.
Start conserving energy like the precious resource it is.
Rethink the way you travel.

Write to governments to gazette more green lungs and legislate renewable energy. Together, we as global citizens can make a difference, if we start taking action now.

If you want to catch 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio, here is your chance to watch it for free. In an efford to create awareness among the public, YTL Group has generously sponsored a series of public screening for all of us. But there will be a limit, so be sure you register yourself if you want 2 free tickets for you and your date.
The movie will be held at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) from 30 April – 4 May 2008. Click here to sign up for free tickets!


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