Is money everything?

Do we live to eat or eat to live? you still need to eat to continue living, right? If you answer no, then you might as well start starving yourself to death. To live or to eat, you need money.

Life is wonderful, and the best thing you could ever do in life is live it to the fullest. So how do plan to life your life to the fullest? Here are some of the comment people usually give when being ask how they plan to live their life to the fullest:

Travel around the world
Have a nice family
Be with the person they love and care most
Have a nice house

No matter what you plan to do, you still need money, the only difference is some people need more of it and some need less depending on your preferred lifestyle.

Some may say money is not everything. Well that may be true, but only to a certain extend because without money you cant have anything. Like it or not, human greed nature has turn this whole world into a big business conglomerate. In today's enterprising age, even water, human's most basic needs which was once a free commodity cost us a bomb when we consume it. Utility Company like Wessex Water (in the UK) and Puncak Niaga (in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur) earns millions of dollar/ringgit just by supplying water to household.

Well, some of you who are mischievous might say that you can still use water for free when you go to the hotel, shopping center and even at the waterfall. Well let's face reality, you cant be living in a hotel, shopping center or by the waterfall everyday right? Even if you stay at the hotel, the room rate actually includes the utility bill as well. So you cant denial that money is really something important(thought it may not be everything to some of you)

So the topic now is how do you value money? Do share your views, they is no right or wrong.


Simon Seow said...

$$$ is not everything but without it I'll have many inconvenience in my life. I have to walk to work? Beg for food? Even the monastery runs on donation by followers.

Sue Me said...

People dont value money as much as they do last time. Money can buy almost everything. Love, happiness and perhaps time is basically essential for every human beings. no money can die fast fast ler..
It's very obvious what you could see on news everyday. People asking money for donations for this and that..what i want to prove is everything..and damn it..i am someone greedy.. :P

Anonymous said...

U will definately live good when u have a good career which provides u a better living. The cost of living is getting more expensive. Money will never be sufficient one to survive. I am earning hard too to survive.:(

Anonymous said...

starve to death lar, don need think so much one.

Bobby said...

Sue Me...How can u judge that money can even buy love and happiness. Love is something you discover in timely manner through space. When you start working, your perception will definately change. Having someone to love is the fullest u can have.

Charlie said...

Simon: yup, very true. Almost everything we do need money. From the moment we step out of our house, we either drive or take public transport, both also need money(petrol or public transport charges).

Sue Me: yeah, money can buy happiness. but they also bring sadness. sigh..

Anonymous: why dont try to work less hard but twice smarter? maybe you will enjoy life better.

Bobby: I agree with you on your last statement. LOL

Sue Me said...

bobby: what if u cant find someone to love??kill urself and gamble ur money away?this is reality...and charlie, sadness i part of life unfortunately..sighhhhh..

Esther Chin said...

realistically, money is a need, not a want. it's not everything, but it's most-of-the-thing.

Charlie said...

Sue Me: =)

Esther: Quite true

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