LOT 10, my coolest workplace ever.

Well sorry for the delays people. Been quite caught up with work lately, any some gathering here and there. My RoadWarrior was infected with virus thus causing the entire system to paralyse for the last few days. After anticipating and being patience with me since the last entry, where I told you guys I work at LOT 10 and its the coolest work place in Malaysia, here is where I finally reveal it all:
See the red circle in the picture? Its Lot 10. hahahaha....
Read about The Top 30 companies to work with in Malaysia. The company in which I'm currently with is on the top of the list.

Want to know why its cool? Read the following:

DIGI starts chocolate production ?
Who you should marry?
Digi's Christmas Party @ Souled Out
DIGI Free Special Screening
Moving On 2007 - Dare to be different!!!


jėss.T said...

u work at digi? cool.... check out my blog to see the latest digi roadshow =)

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