It was a black Tuesday

Today(or should I say yesterday, since it's already way pass 12) must be my black Tuesday. The day greeted me good morning by making me brave through the terrible traffic. Can you believe it, I was stuck in a jam at the Batu Tiga Toll Plaza, even though I'm using Touch & Go Card. If it wasn't for the jam, I would have reach office in less than 5 minute from the toll plaza, but the stupid jam causes me to lose 3o minute of precious time.

After that, when I reach office, the car park at the main building was FULL. So I have to park at the alternate parking facilities which is about 10 minute walking distance. Damn leg already cramp still have to walk. In my mind, I already started cursing.

As I was about to walk towards the office, I realised that one of my rubber piece for my Sony Ericsson Walkman Earphone is missing. So I walked back to my car and search the whole damn car.wasted about 10 minutes there. But I fail to find the missing piece. I just bought that new set of earphone for less than a month and now its gone.

Later in the evening, it was raining, while driving along the road leading to Kota Damansara, a stupid lorry suddenly drive from the left lane to the right late without giving any signal. I reacted quite fast by hitting the break but as it was raining and the road was rather slippery, my car actually skidded a little. And lorry's exhaust pipe hit my car, causing the left front of my car a little dent. And the lorry driving continue driving like normal and eventually speed away. I didn't chase the idiot as it was raining and there isn't any loud bang, thus I didn't know that it actually hit my car until I check it 30 minutes later. WTH, now need to spend money to knock the car back and repaint. haiz, when you a bad luck, it can really haunt you the whole day. dammit.
Anyone wants to donate and help me with the repair work ?


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