Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang and the Conspiracy behind it.

Well as many of you have read about it on Nuffnang Innit, there was a mini blogger gathering last week at the Cineleisure. It was a movie outing initiated by Pammy aka PamSong. A total of 16 participants including myself was in her list for the event click here to see the list.

Here are the details copied from her blog:
Date: 20 April 2008
Day: Sunday
Time: 1:45pm
Location: Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara
Meeting Point: Foot of staircase (as soon as you pass the entrance into Cathay)
Movie: Definitely, Maybe (Confirm already!)

I arrived a minute late at 1.46pm at the meeting point and none of the participant listed were waiting there. I told myself, wah this people, so punctual ah, I'm one minute late only and they are already gone. Sighhh I tried to walk around to see if I am lucky enough to spot PamSong or Amy. They were the only 2 person I know in the entire list. I walk around like a Soh Chai and there are no where to be seen. sigh. By now, you will be wondering, Charlie's you dunno how to call ah? Well I was smart enough not get their mobile no before the scheduled meet up. So I left the place and went home straight.

I left a comment Pam's blog after that. Pam's reply was:
pamsong said...
ATTN: Charlie – OH NO!!! Aiyo... Cos we were late going up. Many ppl arrived late for the lunch so only Thomas Yap went up at about 2pm to get the tickets. everybody else stopped by McD's when they saw nobody at the contact point. NOOOOO!!! Am so sorry Charlie. We plan again some other time, okay? Many other good movies coming up. =(

OMG dam sad man, somemore I thought I was late and they leave without me. But in actually fact, they were late. She her explaination on why there were late by clicking here. Now I'm wondering if the whole thing was a conspiracy. PamSong, you better organise another event soon.


pamsong said...

Awww. Sorry again, Charlie. We're organizing another one soon. Will update on my blog when things are more confirmed. Stay tuned ya. =)

amb3r1te said...

hey, im sorry u missed out. hope u make it to the next one!

and btw, the link list is wrong. u can get the right one at any of the "definitely gang, maybe bang" blogs.

Charlie said...

Pamsong: its okay, no worries, will be looking forward to the next event.

amb3r1te: Dont worry about it. I know about the updated list. thanks for telling. read about it dy. =)

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