Driving on the LDP can be HOT & Happening

Well today I driving to work as usual. While on the LDP(Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong)highway from 1U heading to Sunway's direction.As I drive pass KDU(on my right) at about 8.16am, the traffic began to build up and I realise that there was thick black smoke ahead.
Took this while I was driving up the flyover after KDU
Curious Malaysian never fail to slow down whenever there is an accident. Speaking about this, I remember one local comedian once entertain the crowd at my company by telling us why Malaysian F1 Team and/or Alex Yoong always lose in an F1 race. The answer was because, Alex being Malaysian, slow down every time there is an accident on the track. lol Anyway, back to my story, as I drive closer to the sources of the thick black smoke, the traffic get worse.

Another photo after the flyover.

As all the cars were really slow, I'd to concentrate on driving thus couldn't take much photo. But guess what I saw when I got really close? I was this (Look at the photo below):

Barbecue Mercedes for breakfast anyone?

Its a Mercedes being grilled in front of a live audiences. This section of the LDP has 4 lanes, the Mercedes in on the left lane and I am on the furthers to the right(All the cars try to keep a distance from that hot car). As I was driving pass that grilled car, I could feel the heat from the fire. But After taking this shot, the traffic was smooth and I resume my journey as usual. Too bad, I didn't had the time to stop and kei poh(busybody in hokkien) a bit and maybe get the number plate to buy TOTO, Magnum and Da Ma Cai.

Anyone else witness this incident on the LDP this morning?


philipcs said...

me me... i am toward 1U from kelana jaya... i saw as well and i also slow down and see what happening :)

Charlie said...

philipcs: oh, were you behind or infront of me ? lol

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