'I'm a Standout in Life'

This is an alcohol related post, if you are under the legal age of 18, a muslim or not comfortable with alcohol related post, kindly skip this post. Thank You.

Well, many of you may have know me through one of nuffnang event, or some blogger gathering. But I don't think any one you reader really know the story about Charlie Chia.

I consider myself a STANDOUT IN LIFE for many reasons(shall share my life story):

1.) I was critically ill when I was at the age of 3 and the doctor at Assunta Hospital certified that my brain was dead and I am no better than a vegetable. I was pronounce Human Vegetable then. But today, I am alive, and kick butts. It's a miracle & I'm definitely a STANDOUT!!!

2) I discover the entrepreneur skill at a tender age of 9 and I started buying things in bulk and selling it to my school mate. From Coke at the Canteen during recess to electronic goods. I was the first to be caught for doing business in school too.

3) I was one of the youngest guy to have ever got an internship opportunity with Genting Group in 2004. I work report directly to the HR Manager and Vice President at that time.

4) My friends and people in the banking industry saw the potential in me, in term of evaluating the stock market and I successfully help a number of people profit handsomely from the market.

5) I am among the younger guys to work with the Corporate Sales Department with my current company and one of the most successful one till date judging by the size of account I managed to identify and secure.

6) I am the only one in my company driving a 25 year old RED Car a.k.a by many as the Ferrari.

With so many first, I strongly believe I'm a standout in Life. Though some may say that pictures says a thousand words. I'm not gonna post any picture of my own except for this:

Because Tiger and Nuffnang will definitely make me a STANDOUT during the party.

This entry is made in conjuction with STAND OUT, an event co-organised by Nuffnang & Tiger. For more info, please log on to


YULI said...

i really wanna join this contest, but there's none in our place. tsk :l

iriene said...

Very Entrepreneur, Very Inspiring!Tks for sharing. I enjoyed ur blogs on "Pajama Party and introduction on "who is who" in Blogsphere. Hope to see u at the party.. (if I got invited-lah). All the best!

Simon Seow said...

yeah, I got to ride on your Ferrari a few time.

Charlie said...

Yuli: Fly over to Malaysia and join us at the party.

Iriene: You're most welcome. Hope to see you more often here. and feel free to put down your comment.

Simon: Its 2 time in total, one is during the Justin's Concert at 1Utama and the second was during the food tasting session at Belly Good. have not go the time to write my review yet though.

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