Dailing 999 causes complete damage

As many of you would have known, I was attending Irene's farewell party last night @ Brickfield. As the party begin to heat up, I receive a rather surprise call from my bro, telling me that my neighbour's house is on FIRE, its wild and the fireman is no where to be seen yet.

Without thinking much, I excuse myself from the party, driving at nearly 130km/h from Brickfield to TTDI via Penchala Link. While driving, I tried to tell myself to be prepared for the worse and was thinking what valuable things I potentially loose if the fire spread fast as my room is just next to my neighbour. As the same time I was also worried for my family as well as my dog's safety. The feeling was intense and I just accelerate as fast as I could. It took me less than 15 minutes to reach home and here is what I see when I reach home.

I drove through the back lane and stop right behind this police car.

There was a huge crowd gathering a around the perimeter and everyone seems to be very concern or should I say busybody. LOL these are what Malaysian do best. My father was right behind my house busy spraying water all over my house to cool the structure and prevent the fire from spreading over(by this time the fire was already under control and quite small). From the back, my house seems to be okay.

However the rest of my family member's were no where to be seen, I went panicking and rush towards the front and 2 big firetruck was right in front of my house. I was relieved when I saw my mum, bro and sis standing outside safely, but wait a minute, my dog is missing.

Upon approaching my bro, he told me that the fire was under control and they tie my dog in the house. phew....

It was a long time since I last witness a firetruck in action

The second firetruck was just outside my neighbour's house

Lucky for the the fire hydrant is just outside my neighbour's house.

The crime scene was seal up within minutes after the fireman successfully put off the fire.

Dilarang merentas - Garisan Bomba. The place was seal up while waiting for the forensic unit to arrived.

Here there are - CSI MIAMI Well maybe not that pro but this is the Malaysia's version Fire Forensic

They are looking for the owner and key witness which obviously is my family.

The forensic begin searching for evidence in the house, and I follow behind them.

The staircase leading to the first floor was partially damage, so I didn't venture upstairs to avoid any mishap.

Even the ceiling fan melt beyond imagination

This is the kitchen, where the fire was said to have started.

The fireman said that its a total lost and the house structure is 60% damage.

The forensic officer in action

And this is a picture of the fire which my bro manage to capture while he was busy trying to put off the fire.

In summary, the fire started from my neighbour kitchen, spread quickly and destroyed the whole house but my dad and the fireman manage to prevent it from spreading. Both my neighbour's daughter and the maid were the only occupant in the house and they were safe(thank god). The damage could be reduce if the emergency number 999 were more efficient in handling such distress call. Apparently it took them 15 minutes to route the call to the nearest fire station.

Lesson of the day, always save the direct contact number for the nearest police station, fire station and hospital in your mobile phone. DO IT NOW if you have not done so, cause this can help save lives and minimises losses. Don't ever depend on 999, cause the they are paid to just answer calls like that they do in Transformers.


Sean Lon said...

wow! hey! thks 4 sharing yr experience! feel sorry for yr mishap! but yeah..the lesson is good. will keep local numbers.

leo7_lion said...

Good thing that no 1 is hurt

a@ron said...

That's a great lesson to be learnt by all of us. And a very effective way of handling emergencies by mareshia response unit.

Charlie said...

Sean: its my neighbour actually, but it really scare the hell out of me. Remember those lesson I share, get the local number saved on your phone.

Leo: yup

a@ron: =)

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