Maxis New Service - Only for the Ultra Rich

Are you a mobile geek? are the the type of person that just cant lets go off your mobile phone and must constantly be in touch? Cant live without being able to sms for more than an hour? Even when you are on a flight? Well, I've good news for you.

I was just read an article this afternoon from a local Business Magazine(Malaysian Business, March 2009 issue) and found out that Maxis has recently launch a new service in collaboration with Malaysia Airline System (MAS) and Aeromobile(a re known in-flight mobile operator). With the new service, you can now call, sms or even send & receive data while you are flying some 10,000 feet above sea level.

The only catch is that you have got to be ultra rich to be able to afford it. By now, if you are asking how much the service cost, then you most probably cant afford it.

Since you have already read this far, I shouldn't be so bad as to end just here right? Oh well, this in-flight mobile service is only available EXCLUSIVELY to Maxis Postpaid user at the moment. When its exclusive, its means you are special, thus you will be charged a special rate as well. For every minute of call make or receive, you will be charged a whooping RM15.00 per minute. That's 15,000% premium based on the lowest call rate of 10cent per minute charged by local telco.

SMS on the other hand is charged RM3 per sms send, that's a 3000% premium based on the average cost of 10cent per sms for postpaid users. Good news is, you receive sms for FREE.

Data charged is RM100 for every MB sent or receive.

Now you get why I this service is only for the ultra rich? Unless you a big time businessman or your company is paying for all your mobile usage, I don't think you will ever want to attempt using this service and burn a hole in your pocket.
If any of you rich people out there have tried this service, please do give your feedback.


Simon Seow said...

Unless it's bloody urgent lah, if not who wants to use mobile phone up in the air.

Charlie said...

Simon: True True. Damn freaking expensive. Unless I earn a million every month I wont even want to try it.

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