It's an offend to tell your wife she is not pretty

Did I caught your attention? oh well I didn't do that on purpose, the Malaysia Women's Development Department has proposed to amend the Domestic Violent Act (DVA) which currently classify physical abuse as an offend chargeable in court. If proposal to amend is passed, tell your wife that she is not/no longer pretty will be consider an offend because it is as a form of emotional abuse. Speaking about progress, Malaysia has certainly made some progress by making such proposal. For the better or worse, you decide.

For more info, you may refer to TheStar


wayeyoung said...

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Guys don't go around whining even if his wife/gf says he is ugly. =.="

calvaryzone said...

hahaha is this a joke.

like what wayeyoung said, no guy is dumb enough to insult his wife, unless he wants to sleep on the couch later at night.

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