DAP HQ raided for the first time in 42 years

As you are reading this, you might have already read it on the news that DAP's HQ at Petaling Jaya was raided by the Royal Malaysian Police force at 6.25pm yesterday 23 May 2009. I read about this news first on and then follow by TheStar. It wouldnt have been a big deal if it was conducted professionally. But the fact that the Police raided without a warrant from the court and further seized a computer and 19 DVDs has raise a very big question mark in most people's mind.

Well even though I'm not politically connected and dont really fancy either party in the Malaysian politic scene, this recent move has made me ponder. Is this another politically motivated act by some big and powerful politician? if yes who could it be?

The Royal Malaysian Police force have gives the impression to the public that it is easilly pressure to act in favour of the rulling government. So much so that it has repeately tarnish its good name. The best part is that everytime when this issue is brought up by the media and public, someone powerful in the government will come out and blame it on a few bad apple in the police force. But no action will taken publicly.

Something, when we come to think about it, Malaysian cannot really live in peace anymore, unlikne the good old days that our parents enjoyed. Hopefully our new PM can live up to his words and promise and give us back the peace that Malaysian once enjoyed.


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