December Fever with Charlie Chia

Okay, this month I plan to launch December fever. Basically is a contest and I am offering 3 prize for the top 3 winner. So what exactly must you do to be in the running for top 3 prizes which will likely be RM50, RM30 an RM20 cash voucher to be spend at Starbuck (Malaysia)?

I decided to make it rather simple, what you need to do is, Write about the best December you have ever had since the day were born, your entry must be between 200 words to 300 words only(anything more or less will be disqualified). You must also talk about this contest and provide a link to this entry(or blog), this can be done in any part of your entry depending on your creativity. To be eligible to enter the contest, your entry must be contributing atleast 50 incoming traffic to

Your entry will be judge on 3 aspect.
40% Public Poll
40% Judge by an invited guest
20% Judge by Me

All the best and thank you.


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